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We are pleased to announce that the North Dakota Maternal and Early Childhood Home Visiting Directory is now available. You can download it or request a copy via info @ pcand.org or 701.223.9052.

(Updated November 25, 2014)


blue pcand logoSummit on Human Trafficking

Click the icon below for information about North Dakota's first-ever summit on human trafficking, Thursday and Friday, November 13-14. Highlights include a keynote by Windie Lazenko of 4HER, as well as presentations by representatives from criminal justice, the Polaris ProjectiEmpathize, Truckers Against Trafficking, and many others. Scholarships are available. Please join us.


(Updated November 5, 2014)


blue pcand logoPCAND Seeks Executive Director

Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota would like to announce the resignation of Tim Hathaway, Executive Director. Tim has served the agency since 2010 and during that time has grown the organization significantly, adding a number of initiatives including federal home visiting, community based prevention models and a partnership based approach to systems development. Tim has accepted the Executive Director position with Prevent Child Abuse New York and will be relocating with his family in early December. The Board and staff of PCAND wish to express their warm wishes to Tim as he move forward in this new endeavor.  The search committee will hold its first meeting on Nov 4. Applications received by that date will receive immediate consideration. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

(Posted October 31, 2015)


blue pcand logoBuilding Babies' Brains Summit

Many thanks to legislators, healthcare providers, keynote speaker Dr. Andy Garner, special guest Dr. Sean Brotherson, and all who made the Building Babies' Brains Summit such a success. We would also like express sincere thanks the ND American Academy of Pediatrics for co-sponsoring this crucial event. Dr. Garner's Power Point presentation, "Understanding the Link Between Signficant Adversity or Violence in Childhood and Poor Adult Outcomes," is now available. You can also download Dr. Brotherson's Power Point presentation, "Raising Healthy Children: From ACES Research to Applied Developmental Science."

(Posted October 20, 2014)


blue pcand logoCaring Community Award

This month, tune in to URL Radio to catch a special interview with Gayla Sherman of Charles Hall Youth Services, recipient of our 2014 Caring Community Award. Application forms for our 2015 awards are now available!

(Posted October 14, 2014)


blue pcand logoThis Year's Art Contest Winners

Coloring WinnerPoster Winner

Congratulations, Nakia Nelson, who created this powerful artwork (left) as a 6th grader at Trinity Christian School in Williams Co!



Congratulations as well to Kaydance Heller, who created this inspiring artwork (right) as a 2nd grader at Lewis & Clark Elementary in Williams Co!


Thank you for using your talents to prevent child abuse/neglect and support peace in our homes.

(Posted October 15, 2014)


blue pcand logoNative American Fatherhood

Native American Fatherhood Seminar Flyer 2014

Please join us at the Native American Fatherhood Seminar. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck on Tuesday & Wednesday, October 14 & 15. The seminar is FREE of charge, and all participants receive free T-shirts. Topics include fatherhood identity, skills in becoming nurturing fathers, roles of Native American men, barriers to healthy relationships, and others. For more information, contact the ND Indian Affairs Commission at 701.328.2428.

(Posted October 6, 2014)


blue pcand logoPCAND Blog

Look who has a blog! This week's post is on public figures (NFL players Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, as well as Judge Mark Fuller) who've been accused of family abuse. Please stop by our blog and let us know what you think. 

(Updated September 30, 2014)


blue pcand logoCreating Communities of Care

Kenmare Conference Poster Oct 2014

All are welcome to join us in Kenmare on Thursday, October 9, for this important event. Topics include effects of violence on children, best practices in prevention, and a hands-on simulation of a domestic violence victim's life. Register at kenmareconference @ gmail.com or 701.228.8245. CEUs have been approved for social work, nursing, and law enforcement.

(Updated September 30, 2014)


blue pcand logoCalled to Compassion

Called to Compassion poster brochure

Are you "Called to Compassion"? We've put together a (printable) agenda full of topics that people have been asking for, and we hope you can join us. Topics include mending wounded hearts, managing our own exposure to trauma, and child abuse/neglect reporting requirements for clergy and faith leaders.

(Posted September 25, 2014)


blue pcand logoSummit on Human Trafficking

FUSE summit save the date 2014

(Posted September 21, 2014)


blue pcand logoWho Are Our Heroes?

Two sports stars have been in the public eye in recent weeks in a manner that has sparked debate. Adrian Peterson, star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has been indicted on charges of negligent injury to his four-year-old son; and Ray Rice, running back with the Baltimore Ravens, has been captured on video inflicting acts of domestic violence on his [now-wife]. If these situations result in our continuing the conversation about what it means to be a good parent, and more people stepping up to the plate to "Commit to Prevent," then we are headed in the right direction...

How many of our kids look up to their parents and call them heroes? That is the million dollar question. If every parent can be a hero in the eyes of their child, think of what we can accomplish! When you "Commit to Prevent," you are saying you will do everything within your power, within your means, within your cultural mores, to help a child reach his [or her] potential and grow into a healthy, well-adjusted adult. "Commit to Prevent" is easy, it's do-able, and it is sustainable.

-- Jill Seyfred, Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky

(Posted September 21, 2014)



blue pcand logoSpirit Lake Children's Services Symposium


You are warmly invited to join us at the Spirit Lake Children's Services Symposium on September 23 & 24. Topics include Spirit Lake Social Services Assessment, parent training, and cultural competency for child rearing. Sponsored by Spirit Lake Tribe and Cankdeska Cikana Community College -- with co-sponsorship by PCAND and the NDMIECHV (Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visitation) Project -- this training is FREE and open to the public. Supper on the 23rd is sponsored by Casey Family Foundation. You can register on-line. Questions? Call Heather Lawrence at 701-766-1131 or Wanda Stensland at 701-766-1109.

 (Updated September 18, 2014)


blue pcand logoExpert Help to Prevent Sexual Abuse


PCAND will receive expert technical assistance to prevent child sexual abuse in North Dakota. This opportunity has been made possible by Prevent Child Abuse America, with support from the Ms. Foundation. Thank you!

(Posted August 31, 2014)


 blue pcand logoFUSE Gets Funding


Have you heard the news? With strong partners and $200,000 from the Bush Foundation, we -- and the rest of FUSE -- are ready to put an end to sex trafficking in North Dakota. Stay tuned for info on the human trafficking summit in November.

(Posted August 14, 2014)



blue pcand logoHow to Enjoy Summer


(Posted June 30, 2014)


blue pcand logoFUSE Responds to Sex Trafficking


"We do not accept sexual trafficking of vulnerable children as status quo. As a state and community, we do not have to allow sexual exploitation to continue," says FUSE -- a Force to end hUman Sexual Exploitation. PCAND is proud to be part of this ground-breaking coalition.

You may have caught recent coverage of FUSE on Prairie Public Radio, the Bismarck Tribune, KFYR-TV, or other news sources. FUSE has released a statement in response to growing reports of sex trafficking in North Dakota -- in particular, the trafficking of a 13-year-old Minnesota girl to Fargo-Moorhead.

FUSE seeks public input and involvement across North Dakota. Contact 701.223.9052 or info @ pcand.org to get involved.

(Posted June 23, 2014)



blue pcand logo Caring Community Awardee


Fargo Cass Nurse-Family Partnership, recipient of a 2014 Caring Community Award, was featured in the Nurse-Family Partnership "NewsLink" spring issue. Thank you for all of your hard work in strengthening North Dakota families.

(Posted June 5, 2014) 


NDHVC_logoHome Visitation 2014

We have received many requests for PowerPoints from this year's conference. Additional presentation material will follow. Thank you to all who made the conference so meaningful.

Lactation presented by BriAnna Wanner 

Toxic Stress and "Adverse Childhood Experiences" presented by Dr. Kathy Anderson & Tim Hathaway  

Drugs & Paraphernailia presented by Detective Nathan McLeish & Brandon Rosen

Domestic Violence presented by Linda Isakson

(Posted May 21, 2014) 


blue pcand logoHello, Kids! 


Thank you for visiting. Now we have kid stuff on our page.

It's not easy to talk about child abuse. But to end it, we need to talk about it.

Every kid deserves to be safe. Would you like to help?

You can... (Click on the pics.)


pcand_show_4-6-14 pcand_learn 


If you are not safe, talk to a trusted adult. If you don't get help, talk to another adult. Keep trying until you get help.

We will add more kid stuff soon. Come back again! And check out our coloring books today.

(Posted April 6, 2014)


blue pcand logoCaring Communities Receive Awards


As Governor Dalrymple signed the Proclamation declaring April "Child Abuse Prevention Month," five North Dakota entities received PCAND's Caring Community Award. Congratulations to Charles Hall Youth Services, Cass County Social Services, Fargo Cass Nurse-Family Partnership, Sources of Strength, and Specialized Child/Family Services Unit of West Central Human Service Center. These communities give us great hope for North Dakota's children and families. To learn more, you can read the Bismarck Tribune story and tune into the the KFYR-TV coverage. Thank you to all the caring communities across North Dakota.

(Updated April 1, 2014)


blue pcand logo What if We Had 0% Child Abuse?

Can you envision it?

What if we could reduce child abuse and neglect by 100%?

What if every child in North Dakota could wake up every morning nurtured and safe?

What if the solutions were in our hands?

North Dakota now has a concrete vision for eliminating child abuse and neglect:

1. Community.

2. Commitment.

3. Access.

4. Policy.

Look at our easy-to-read Vision for North Dakota's Families. Then contact info @ pcand.org to give us your feedback, share your vision, and get your community -- or yourself -- involved. 

(Updated January 13, 2014)


blue pcand logoThank you, Kroll's Marathon!

PCAND_Krolls_MarathonA big thank you to Kroll's Marathon! We are honored that PCAND was chosen as a 2013 Kroll's Diner Bismarck Marathon Charity. We will put the funds to good use, protecting children, supporting families, and building communities that help us all thrive.

(Posted November 21, 2013)


blue pcand logoGood news!

Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Bismarck, we will soon purchase "Period of PURPLE Crying" materials for all western North Dakota families with infants.

The Period of PURPLE Crying is the phrase used to describe the time in babies' lives when they cry more than any other time. The video is a new way to help parents understand this time, which is a normal part of every infant's development.

Thank you, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Bismarck!

(Posted November 14, 2013)


blue pcand logo"Building Bridges" Initiative


AAP_logoGreat news! We are honored to partner with the North Dakota Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in a new initiative, Building Bridges among Health and Early Childhood Systems.

Through the Building Bridges initiative, we will work with pediatrician "champions" who will help us strengthen referrals and services for families in our Home Visitation programs. Pediatricians will join our Home Visitation Coalition as well as the Early Childhood Comprehensive System network. Thank you, AAP of North Dakota, for collaborating with us on this important work.

(Posted November 9, 2013)


blue pcand logoStudy of Adverse Childhood Experiences

"Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have profound effects on the lifelong health of adults," the North Dakota Department of Health reports. A recent National Survey of Children’s Health provides data on nine ACEs among U.S. children. The survey shows that nearly half of North Dakota children age 0 through 17 have experienced one or more ACEs -- which translates into an estimated 65,000 children in North Dakota. In addition, 1 of every 5 North Dakota children has experienced two or more ACEs. More information is available through the Data Resource Center for Child & Adolescent Health.

(Posted October 10, 2013)


blue pcand logoHow to End Child Abuse & Neglect

We have some big ideas about how to end child abuse and neglect in North Dakota. With help from people like you, we believe 100% of North Dakota's children can be safe, protected, and unconditionally loved. We've just released our vision for North Dakota's families -- and are full of hope. We'll share more soon. Here's a preview:

"What Can I Do?"  

Make a Personal Commitment to Prevention

As an adult, I understand that I can help prevent child abuse and neglect by supporting families and communities to be nurturing to children. I commit to:

1.      Consider how any decision would impact child abuse and neglect. Would this decision – in my personal, work, or social life – make children more or less vulnerable? How would it support families and communities to be nurturing to children?

2.      Be a supportive neighbor. If I see a family or child under stress, how can I be caring and supportive? Instead of viewing the family or child as outsiders, how can I offer them a sense of belonging in the community?

3.      Report suspected child abuse and neglect. Children who are abused and neglected need support from trained adults. If I am concerned that a child may be abused or neglected, I will contact the police or social services, anonymously if necessary; if nothing seems to change, I will contact them again.


Imagine how North Dakota could be if every one of us made the nurturance of children the primary factor in any business, public policy, or personal decision. Stay tuned for more ways you can get involved. Share your feedback and ideas at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

(Posted September 21, 2013)


The Case for Car Seats


Booster seats? Rear-facing seats? Front-facing seats? Sadly, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among children in the U.S. Here's an easy-to-read site to help you keep your children and loved ones safe.

(Posted September 16, 2013)


blue pcand logoPCAND Receives Early Childhood Grant

We are pleased to announce that PCAND has received federal funding for North Dakota’s Early Childhood Comprehensive System (ECCS) program. With this funding, PCAND and partners will develop and activate a system to provide developmental screenings for young children across the state. Administered through the federal Health Resources and Services Administration, the funds cover programming from August 2013 through July 2016.

As you may know, the ECCS program was previously administered through the ND Department of Health/Division of Family Health. This year, federal guidelines required that ECCS programming be aligned with home visitation initiatives, as funded by the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program. Because PCAND is the MIECHV program designee in North Dakota, the ND Department of Health recommended that the ECCS program be transferred to PCAND, so that federal funding could be maintained in North Dakota.

To maintain continuity and expertise, Cheryle Masset-Martz has shifted from the ND Department of Health to PCAND, so that she can continue to serve as ECCS program director.

PCAND looks forward to collaborating with our partners, particularly the Healthy North Dakota Early Childhood Alliance. Thank you in advance for your support!

(Posted September 10, 2013)


blue pcand logo Join TEAM PCAND Today!


There are many ways to join TEAM PCAND. You can be a friend to a child, help a parent or caregiver, start a block party, report suspected abuse, and more.

Now you can also purchase a TEAM PCAND running jersey! Each jersey is just $20, plus $5 shipping and handling. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 701.223.9052 and order yours today! Supplies are limited.

(Posted August 29, 2013)


Authentic Voices Logo

"It Takes Great Courage"

“It takes great courage to speak out publicly about an issue that has been shrouded in silence and that has caused so much personal pain,” says Kathy M. Smith, Program Services Support Coordinator at the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center in Fargo.

Kathy was recently interviewed for a powerful story about a survivor's journey in "Troy White: Written Purpose," featured in the magazine, On the Minds of Moms.

Here are a few words from the article, penned by Patricia Carlson:

"Writing offered [Troy] a newfound clarity about his past. He was taught to be silent about the abuse. Talking about such things would be shameful. But he was starting to see that being silent was wrong. He had pages of memories and insights. He wanted to reach out and help others who were struggling with an abusive history or mental illness. Troy believed he had found his calling."

Troy White says:

“Everybody’s got a story...I don’t think mine is the worst. It’s not the best. It’s just unique that I’m willing to share it. I’m not always sure that that’s the right thing to do, but that’s what I feel I have to do.”

We urge you to read more! Many thanks to Troy White -- and all the authors of "Authentic Voices."

(Posted July 31, 2013)


blue pcand logoNurturing Healthy Sexual Development

Mylinda Ogundipe, our Program Support Manager, became a certified trainer for Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development in the spring of 2013. If you are interested in setting up a training for your group or organization, feel free to give us a call at 701-223-9052.



(Updated July 12, 2013)


blue pcand logoHome Alone?

Summer is coming. Many caregivers and parents wonder: What kind of supervision do children need; when is it OK to leave a child home alone; when is a child old enough to go without direct supervision?

Contact PCAND for a free copy of the easy-to-read brochure, HOME ALONE: IS YOUR CHILD READY? You can reach us at 701.223.9052, 1.800.403.9932 (toll-free in North Dakota), or info @ pcand.org.

(Posted April 8, 2013)


blue pcand logoWhat if a Child Is Neglected or Abused?

If you're concerned that a child is being neglected or abused, it is crucial that you make a report to the police or social services. Children who are experiencing abuse or neglect need support from trained adults. You can make an anonymous report through the North Dakota Child Protection Program website.

(Posted February 22, 2013)

NDHVC_logo Home Visitation Bill Passes ND Senate


Thanks to crucial support from bipartisan legislators and community members, SB2256 has passed the North Dakota Senate with overwhelming support. SB2256, known as North Dakota's Home Visitation Bill, defines evidence-based Home Visitation, an important step in building the strength of Home Visitation projects across the state. Next step: Debate and voting in the North Dakota House of Representatives, date and time TBA.


(Posted February 19, 2013)
blue pcand logoProtection for Missing Children


On January 18, the ND Senate Judiciary Committee is to consider SB2125 -- which would make it a crime not to report a missing or deceased child. PCAND is firmly in support of this legislation to protect vulnerable children. Stay tuned for more information.


(Posted January 17, 2013)
blue pcand logoInvest in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

In a recent letter to the editor, Tim Hathaway, executive director of PCAND, says: "This year alone, North Dakotans will invest millions of dollars in attempting to repair the damage done to children and communities. But what if [we] could stop a failure before it started?"


(Posted November 5, 2012)

blue pcand logoTEAM PCAND Runs in Grand Forks and Fargo

Fargo Mini MarathonWe could not be more proud of TEAM PCAND. 

Lori (right) says: "The races were fantastic -- even more so knowing that so many others were familiar with Leslie's survivor story. She is such a strong role model for all who know her. Many more people than previous races thanked us for running for PCAND, which just provides more 'fuel to the fire' of a runner! It is so rewarding to feel like we're making a difference."

Leslie (middle) says: "Knowing my teammates as I do, they will never tell you that they both had amazing races on Saturday. Lori is definitely on a mission; every TEAM PCAND race she has run, she PRs (runs faster than the last), and she placed 2nd in her age group on Saturday! Woohoo! And Julie finished in the Top 10 and took 1st in her age group! One of my favorite things about ALL of my teammates is how humble they are."

Many thanks to Julie Bosch (left), Leslie Brunette, Lori Klabunde, and all the members of TEAM PCAND!

(Posted October 21, 2012)
Congratulations! TEAM PCAND received First Place Female Ultra Team and Second Place Overall Female Team in the Ragnar Great River Relay this month!


L to R: Carly Emil, Marnie Walth, Janelle Olson, Leslie Brunette, Julie Bosch, Lori Klabunde. 

"Preventing abuse is a team activity.
 Everyone has a place on the team."

Cheer for TEAM PCAND this fall at the Krolls' Marathon in Bismarck, Half Marathon in Grand Forks, and the Fargo Mini Marathon.


Carly Emil

"We pass hundreds of people along the way. They all have a minute to look at our jerseys and see exactly what we're running for!"

MarnieMarnie Walth

"Running for child abuse prevention is an opportunity to take something I love, running, and use it to increase awareness: Child abuse is a heart-breaking problem, but it’s preventable." 

Janelle Olson

"Running to make the world a better place for children is indescribable. Also, the PCAND logo is on the back of our shirts, and as I pass other runners, there is always an exchange of encouraging words."

JulieJulie Bosch

"I believe that children are a gift from God, and that any abuse of that is a fault of our society, which includes me as part of society. To dedicate running to this worthy cause feels so right and so good!"

Lori Klabunde

"When the miles become difficult, and I need to dig deep to find the strength to finish, I find myself thinking of all the challenges abused children face. That provides the strength I need to finish."

LeslieLeslie Brunette

"I am running with a purpose. I am a survivor and thriver. For years I 'ran' from my abuse. Now I am running for abuse prevention! I have times during my miles when I think about children that are enduring abuse now. I remember times when I was enduring, and those memories serve as fuel for my run. I know I can and have to endure the discomfort I am experiencing at the moment, because every mile we cover is one more mile we run down for child abuse prevention. We run as TEAM PCAND to change the lives of children and families, one mile at time!"

(Updated August 22, 2012)

PCAND logo

The better we understand child maltreatment, the better we are able to prevent it. Did you know that 1,134 North Dakota children were found to be victims of child abuse or neglect in 2010? Did you know, as well, that over half of those cases involved neglect? And that the maltreatment was most prevalent toward children 3 and younger? And, in addition, that family stress appears to be an important factor? 

You can learn key statistics regarding child abuse and neglect in North Dakota on our Resources page.

In sharing this information, our intention is to support each of us -- as we each support children -- in making North Dakota a safe and loving place for all children.

(Posted July 31, 2012)

Authentic Voices Logo

Good news: "Authentic Voices" can be checked out at three North Dakota libraries...and counting.
If you're curious about the popular and compelling "Authentic Voices" book, you can visit our page and find us on Facebook.
(Posted July 30, 2012)

PCAND logo

At Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota, we have begun a new project called "The Period of Purple Crying," which focuses on the elimination of Abusive Head Trauma, also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome. Our goal is to provide every new parent in North Dakota with engaging educational materials on how to avoid this problem.

An evidence-based project, "The Period of Purple Crying" helps increase parental knowledge of child development and is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The parent booklet and 10-minute DVD also provide information about managing stress and supporting others who care for the infant.

Our intention is to provide parent packets to every birthing center across the state at no charge. We are grateful for crucial funding from the North Dakota Department of Human Services and the North Dakota Ronald McDonald House Charities. We are also thankful for key supporters of this project: the North Dakota Hospital Association, North Dakota Nurses Association, and the American Association of Pediatrics North Dakota Chapter.

(Posted July 26, 2012)

Profile Picture


Why does home visiting matter?
According to research by the Pew Foundation:
Nearly 40% of child abuse occurs in the first four years of life. "But a good home visiting program can cut this number in half." 
For more information on home visiting initiatives in North Dakota, contact Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
(Posted July 6, 2012)
PCAND logo
In partnership with others who serve children and youth, Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota is creating a vision for how we can all work together to prevent child maltreatment in North Dakota.
Stay tuned for more details. And feel free to email your ideas to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
(Posted June 11, 2012)
PCAND logo
We have moved!
Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota is now located in the City Center Plaza on the corner of 5th and Broadway. For those of you who call Bismarck your hometown, City Center Plaza is the old JC Penney's building.
Our current address is 418 E. Broadway Ave. Suite 70. We are located in the basement. Come visit us!

Pregnant? A New Mom? Or New Dad for that matter?

There's a new service to help you out! Text4baby provides totally free text messages 3 times a week with info to help you through your pregnancy and baby's first year.

Text BABY (BEBE para Español) to 511411 to sign up. 

Support North Dakota's Children With Your Purchase
 April may be Child Abuse Prevention Month, but you can support children and families daily.

The Pinwheel is a symbol of hope, health, and happiness – of the promising futures all children deserve.
Show your support by purchasing and wearing a Pinwheel lapel pin.
The lapel pins are 1 3/8” in height, made from zinc alloy die casting with enamel, and have butterfly clasps.
Available for only $5, which includes sales tax and shipping.
Other items are available to purchase, check out our merchandise.