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So you have decided the Time is right to go by yourself You have some team members in your mind how do you go about setting up your salon on a budget and perhaps have built a database of customers up Here’s some pointers about how went on a budget of  12000 about it branding is Decide who Your target audience is, ours was 16-35 years old son went to get a modern minimal style, and color scheme of black, white and chrome with big floor tiles which would be durable and easy to clean found a neighborhood design student to make a contemporary clean logo and a few simple easy to comprehend price lists. You will be able to get photographs from websites for a charge, if you do not have your artwork. Location Sometimes Town center is not the best place to be. We located a place outside our city with free parking and countless homes nearby.

Hairdressing Salon

The average rent in the town center was 15000 annually our lease was 8750 annually we had an upper floor that sub-let into a beautician for 5000 annually, making our lease only 3750 each year This increases footfall into the company which gives lots of customers to us. Sourcing equipment the furniture that needed for the new salon cost more than my budget allowed this motivated me to look online for cheaper option discovered that a wholesaler in pedicura a badalona that would provide me direct and imported all of the furniture and joined an online firm was saved by this. If you choose to go this course down ask your provider which you can call to confirm that they are legitimate. The savings are considerable although you will need to pay customs duty and vat once your imports arrive here.

My budget meant needed to get my hands dirty and handle all of the work on the salon, as cannot knock a nail in consented prices on every little thing and used tradesmen recommended by customers and friends. Once you hit snags that you 21, it is helpful to keep prices down, if you are hands on with this procedure discovered that the employees get to know you and are likely to rip you off. So everybody knows what goes where, it is helpful to have a floor plan. This is something you need to do yourself to, it is anybody can had my Team deliver my newly designed pricelist to all of the homes in town, when you have your printing done the gap between 1000 and 5000 pricelists is not so get lots printed and give them out at every opportunity, this gave us excellent effects and was cheap. When any client arrives to cover give them are commend a friend voucher offering 25 percent off a cut and blow for them and a friend, we climbed our customer database from 380 customers to 2370 over 18 months.